Loved One In A Wheelchair And Buying A Handicap Van? 2 Features To Look Out For

11 July 2018
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If you have a loved one that has had an accident and is in a wheelchair, you will find it difficult to take them places in a car or a regular-sized truck. Instead, a handicap van would work well. Before you start shopping for this type of van, you should learn about some of the features that are available for them. This way, you can be sure the van you purchase will work best for your loved one. Below are two features to help you get started.

A Wheelchair Ramp

All handicap vans that you look at should have a wheelchair ramp, but there are different types available. For example, some handicap vans have the ramp installed at the rear, while others have wheelchair ramps that are installed on the side. Some side ramps are made so that you can fold them out.

The rear ramps are attached to the hatch door located at the rear of the van. This type would work well if you park the van in a small garage. This is because you can drive the van straight into the garage and start out without having to maneuver around the ramp.

Side entry ramps are safer for your loved one. This is because side entry ramps fold out from the passenger door and not out the back of the van where you are exposed to traffic.

If your loved one can enter and exit the van on their own, you should choose a side entry ramp that folds out. You can purchase a ramp that you must manually fold out, but there are also powered ramps available. With this type, your loved one could use a remote or press a button to unfold the ramp, and then use the same remote or button to close the ramp.

A Low Floor

One important feature the handicap van should have is a lowered floor. This makes it much easier for you to get the wheelchair in and out of the van. This is especially true if your loved one uses a motorized scooter as a wheelchair.

Having a lowered floor also gives more clearance from floor to ceiling so your loved one can remain in their wheelchair while they enter the van. If you find a van that you love, and it does not have a lowered floor you can take the van to a mechanic that is experienced in making changes like this, if you prefer.

Talk to a salesperson that sells handicap vans about these features, as well as other features you can find with this type of van. 

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